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Other fees


Preschool - 8th Activity Fee (mandatory) - $100

This fee covers all field trips throughout the year, T-shirts for musicals and field day, as well as the school yearbook.


Band Fee (optional) - $75

Students in 6th-8th can choose to be in Concert Band.  This fee covers materials for the band.


Band Fee (mandatory for 5th grade students) - $50

ALL students in 5th grade participate in Beginning Band.  This fee covers the materials for Beginning Band.  


5th Grade Outdoor Education - $ cost varies 

This is dependent on the number of students and the amount of fundraising that takes place.


6th-8th Band Trip to Oahu  - $ cost varies 

This also depends on fundraising that takes place throughout the school year.


Withdrawal Processing Fees - $50/student

This covers the cost of transferring documents to other schools mid-year and during the summer.  This fee does not apply to graduating 8th grade students.  


K-8 Classroom Supply Fee - This is now included in the tuition.

This covers the purchase of numerous classroom supplies needed for each student.  $50 of the tuition payment is allocated to these purchases.

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